Tar & Chip

Tar & Chip

If you are on a limited budget and can’t handle the cost of blacktop, tar & chip is an affordable way to get a solid, quality driveway, laneway or roadway. There are several different options for tar & chip depending on what you can afford.

Tar & chip can be applied over stone, millings/recycled blacktop, existing blacktop or existing concrete. Most of the secondary roads in PA are Tar & Chip.

To apply tar & chip over stone or millings/recycled blacktop, the area must be solid with at least 6 inches of sub-base. Then we can grade and prep the area for proper water drainage and proper height to connect to sidewalks, garage floors, and roadways. Next, we spray a commercial grade weed killer to vegetation and power roll the sub-base. After that, we apply a heavy coat of CSR2 road tar @ 180° F. Next is a layer of #8 ½ inch stone chips and we power roll again.

To apply tar& chip over existing blacktop or concrete, we must first trim all edges and remove all vegetation. Then we power blow and clean the entire surface and apply a heavy coat of CSR2 road tar @ 180° F. Finally we apply the #8, ½ inch stone chips and power roll.

For either process, we can use a different color or decorative stones depending on the area in which you live and what is available at the quarry.

Also for either process, two to three layers of tar & chips can be applied depending on your budget. Of course the greater the number of coats applied, the better the quality and life of the job.

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