Storm Water Management and Drain Work

Stormwater management is the effort to reduce runoff of rainwater or melted snow into streets, lawns and other sites and the improvement of water quality, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

When stormwater is absorbed into the soil, it is filtered and ultimately replenishes aquifers or flows into streams and rivers. However, when heavy rainwater hits, the ground saturated by water creates excess moisture that runs across the surface and into storm sewers and road ditches. This water often carries debris, chemicals, bacteria, eroded soil, and other pollutants, and carries them into streams, rivers, lakes, or wetlands.

Storm drain construction involves clearing and excavating the site where the drainage system will be installed. When drainage systems are positioned in locations that are a considerable distance from the point of discharge, stormwater can be redirected to detention ponds where is it stored for release at a later time.

Michael Olinger Paving & Sealcoating specializes in helping you determine the best way to manage your stormwater and creating solutions that work.

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